Dota 2 at Indibet Esports Betting Guide provides a comprehensive overview of Dota 2 and the world of Esports betting. Our guide covers the basics of Dota 2, including its gameplay, meta, and tournaments, as well as a range of betting options and strategies.

Whether you’re new to Esports betting or a seasoned bettor, our guide offers the knowledge and tools you need to make informed bets on Dota 2. We provide an in-depth look at the different betting options available, as well as the factors you should consider when betting on Dota 2, such as team strength and player performance. With Indibet’s Dota 2 Esports Betting Guide, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to make winning bets.



Dota 2 is a complex game with a rich history and ever-evolving meta. Understanding the objective, map layout, and roles of heroes is crucial for making informed bets in Dota 2 Esports. Familiarizing oneself with the changes in the meta, major tournaments, and their format and structure is also important. Indibet’s Dota 2 Esports Betting Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the game, providing the necessary knowledge to make informed bets.


Dota 2 is a MOBA game in which two teams of five individuals battle against each other. The goal of the game is to demolish the opponent’s Ancient, a big structure in the opposing base. Each player selects a hero with equipped set of talents and abilities, and they must work together as a team to progress towards the enemy’s Ancient while safeguarding their own.

The Dota 2 map is divided into three lanes: the top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane. Heroes are usually divided into different roles, such as carry, support, and offlaner, and are placed in different lanes to balance the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The carry is responsible for farming and eventually becoming the team’s main source of damage, while the support provides resources and assists for the carry. The offlaner often takes on a more aggressive role, looking for opportunities to gank enemy heroes.

In addition to the hero abilities and lane assignments, the game also features various mechanics, such as creeps, towers, runes, and items. Creeps are automated units that move down each lane and attack enemy units. Towers are defensive structures that guard each team’s base, while runes provide temporary bonuses to heroes who collect them. Items can be purchased to improve a hero’s stats and abilities, and they play a significant role in the outcome of a match.


The world of Dota 2 is one that changes rapidly, with new strategies and updates coming out every few weeks. The meta of 2023 is one that has been shaped by the ever-evolving meta of the past few years. Heroes such as Axe, Tiny, and Invoker are all still viable in competitive play, with a new emphasis on team synergies and having a well-rounded lineup. Mobility is also key, as it allows teams to quickly respond to changes in the game. Positioning and map control are also essential to success in 2023, as smart players know how to take advantage of terrain and objectives to gain an advantage. In the end, the 2023 DOTA 2 meta is still about out-thinking and out-playing your opponent and having a team that is well-versed in the game and can adapt quickly.

Dota 2 betting is heavily impacted by the game’s ever-changing meta. With each new update, heroes and strategies that were once considered overpowered can become obsolete, while others that were considered weak can suddenly become viable. Dota 2 players must constantly adapt to the changes in order to stay competitive, which can be difficult for those who lack the time or resources to keep up. The same applies for betting on Dota 2. Expert bettors must be aware of the latest changes in the meta in order to make educated bets and ensure that they maximize their potential profits. As such, understanding the meta changes and staying up-to-date on the latest strategies is essential for any successful Dota 2 betting enthusiast.


Dota 2 tournaments are competitive events where the best teams from around the world come together to compete for huge prizes.

These tournaments showcase the highest level of Dota 2 gameplay and provide a platform for players to showcase their skills and strategies. The tournaments vary in format, size, and structure, but all feature the best teams battling it out for glory and recognition. With a rich history and a thriving competitive scene, Dota 2 tournaments are a must-watch for any fan of the game.


Major Dota 2 tournaments


The International (TI)

This is the largest and most renowned Dota 2 event, with a prize pool that has recently surpassed $40 million. In a double elimination style, teams from all around the world participate, with the best teams progressing to the grand finals. TI is held once a year, generally in August.

Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)

 This is a series of regional tournaments held throughout the year, leading up to The International. The top teams from each region earn points based on their performance, with the top teams qualifying for TI. The DPC provides a regular schedule of competitive Dota 2 action, giving fans and bettors a consistent source of games to follow.



 This is a major Dota 2 tournament held in Russia, with a prize pool of over $1 million. EPICENTER features the best teams from around the world, with a double elimination format and a focus on high-level gameplay and intense competition.

StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor

 This is a Dota 2 tournament held in Ukraine, with a prize pool of over $300,000. The StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor features top teams from around the world, with a focus on providing an exciting and competitive atmosphere for players and fans.


Indibet’s Dota 2 Esports Betting Guide

To place a Dota 2 wager, first investigate teams and individuals, including their win/loss record and individual strengths and weaknesses. Use betting odds to assess several wagers and select the one with the best odds. Make a wager on the outcome of a game or event. Keep track of your wagers and make adjustments to your plan as appropriate. When placing your wagers, consider team morale, recent events, and player ailments. Always gamble sensibly and within your means.

Fans and sports bettors seeking to put bets on their favorite teams and players have a variety of possibilities with Dota 2 betting. Among the most popular Dota 2 betting options are:


Moneyline Betting

In Dota 2 refers to a type of wager where you simply place a bet on the team you believe will win a specific match. Unlike other types of betting where you may have to predict the score or outcome of a match, moneyline betting is straightforward and requires you to pick the winning team. The odds for moneyline betting are expressed as a positive or negative number and indicate the payout for a winning bet.

 A positive number means the team is considered an underdog, and a negative number indicates the team is favored to win. The size of the number represents the potential payout for a winning bet, with larger numbers indicating higher payouts for underdogs and smaller numbers for favorites. Moneyline betting is a popular option for beginners and experienced bettors alike, as it is simple and straightforward to

Map Winner Betting

Is a sort of wager in which you bet on which team will win a given map during a match. In contrast to moneyline betting, which simply needs you to choose the overall winning team, Map Winner betting requires you to properly predict the outcome of each individual map. 

Map Winner betting chances are stated as positive or negative numbers and represent the possible payoff for a winning bet. You must accurately guess the winner of each map throughout the match to earn a Map Winner bet. Map Winner betting may increase the thrill of Dota 2 betting and is a popular choice for experienced gamblers seeking for a challenge.


Handicap Betting

Refers to a type of wager where a virtual advantage or disadvantage is given to one of the teams in order to even the odds. The handicap is represented by a positive or negative number and is applied to the final score of the match to determine the outcome of the bet. For example, if Team A is favored to win and a +1.5 handicap is applied to Team B, a bet on Team B will win if they either win the match or lose by less than 1.5 points. 

Handicap betting can be a great option for bettors who believe that a team is stronger than the odds suggest, as it allows them to bet on the team with a virtual advantage. Handicap betting adds an extra layer of strategy to Dota 2 betting and is a popular option for experienced bettors looking for a challenge.

Total Maps betting

It is betting on the total number of maps in a match, with options to bet “over” or “under” a set number. It adds strategy to Dota 2 betting and allows predicting match length and outcome. It is popular among experienced bettors.



When it comes to betting on Dota 2, there are various elements to consider in order to enhance your chances of winning. Here are some of the most crucial things to remember:

Team Performance: One of the most important factors to consider is the recent performance of the teams involved in the match. Look at their recent results, their win-loss record, and how they’ve performed against similar opponents. This information can give you a good indication of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses and help you make an informed decision about which team to bet on.

Player Form: The performance of individual players is also crucial. Look for players who are in good form and have been playing well in recent matches. This information can help you predict the outcome of a match and give you an edge when placing your bets.

Map Selection: Dota 2 is played on different maps, and each map has its own unique challenges and strategies. Make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each map and how they might impact the outcome of a match.

Tournament Format: The format of the tournament can also have a big impact on the outcome of a match. For example, some tournaments are played in a best-of-one format, while others are played in a best-of-three or best-of-five format. Make sure you understand the format of the tournament and how it might impact the outcome of the matches.

Current Meta: The current meta, or the most popular strategy and heroes in the game, may also have a significant impact on the result of a battle. Maintain an understanding of the current meta and how it may affect the outcome of a match.

By taking these elements into account, you may improve your odds of winning a Dota 2 bet. Remember that betting is always a type of speculation, and there is no guarantee of winning, but you may boost your chances of success by doing your homework and remaining informed.



Dota 2 betting may be a thrilling and exciting method to earn money while playing the game. However, in order to be successful, a sound betting plan must be in place. Here are some pointers and techniques to get you started:

Do Your Research: Before placing any bets, do your homework on the teams and players participating in the game. Examine their previous results, win-loss record, and performance against similar opponents. This data can assist you in making an informed decision about which side to back.

Bet on Favorites: One of the simplest betting strategies is to bet on the favorite. This is especially true if the favorite has a strong track record and has been playing well in recent matches.

Look for Underdogs: While betting on the favorite can be a safe option, betting on the underdog can also be a good strategy. If the underdog has been performing well and has a good chance of winning, you can often find good odds and potentially make a large profit.

Spread Your Bets: Rather of spending all of your money on one game, try spreading your bets across many games. This can help you reduce risk while potentially increasing your overall winnings.

Follow the Meta: Keep up to date with the current meta and understand how it might impact the outcome of a match. Some heroes or strategies may be more popular at certain times, and understanding this can help you make more informed betting decisions.

Stay Disciplined: Finally, it is vital to maintain focus and avoid making rash wagers. Don’t bet more than you can manage to lose, and always stick to your betting strategy.

You may improve your chances of winning while betting on Dota 2 by following these methods and recommendations. Remember that betting is always a type of speculation, and there is no assurance of winning, but you may boost your chances of success by remaining educated and making informed selections.