kabaddi isn’t far behind.While cricket and football were undoubtedly popular among Indian wagers, It is ranked third in the region in terms of popularity. It makes sense given that the physical sport originated in India. The tournaments increased in popularity and reached the national level. Professionals began participating in national and international competitions. Finally, the Pro Kabaddi League was formed.

Kabaddi is mainly a physical sport with 7 players on either side; it is played for 40 minutes with a 5-minute break (20-5-20). The objective of the game is to gain points by invading into the other court and touching as many defensive players as possible in a single breath.

Betting on Kabaddi at INDIBET

Most amateur bettors may believe that online betting is complex and complicated. It is, however, simpler than you would assume. Our website makes it possible in a few simple steps:

    • Register an account at INDIBET
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    • Make an initial Deposit
    • Go to Sportsbook section of INDIBET betting site
    • Select the desired event you want to bet on.
    • Choose an odds
    • Choose the preferred type of bet
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    • Wait for the final outcome of the game.

Famous Kabaddi Leagues and Tournaments

The gradual rise in popularity of this type of sport has resulted in the establishment of several tournaments, championships, and lower-level events around Asia. However, the most popular and well watched kabaddi competitions remain:

Pro Kabaddi League

The title of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is self-explanatory. The professional competition began in 2014. In terms of event format, it is quite similar to the IPL. The Asian Kabaddi Federation, IKF, and the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India all endorse the PKL (International Kabaddi Federation).

National Kabaddi Championship

The National Kabaddi Championship is India’s oldest recognized kabaddi event. The yearly competition brings together teams from across all Indian states for a magnificent spectacle in a massive stadium. Furthermore, the tournament includes sub-junior, junior, and senior divisions for both boys and girls.

Kabaddi World Cup

The World Cup is organized by the International Kabaddi Federation. It’s a regular indoor international tournament. It is attended by both men’s and women’s teams. There are now 12 teams competing from India, Iran, Bangladesh, South Korea, and other nations. If you are new to kabaddi betting and are just beginning to explore the various events, don’t pass up the opportunity to gamble on this tournament.

Asian Games

The game was initially offered as a showcase event by Asian Games. It was only in 1990 that it was designated as a medal event. Both the Indian men’s and women’s teams have frequently taken home gold. Iran, on the other hand, won both categories in 2018.

There are also Kabaddi Masters, Super Kabaddi League, Junior World Kabaddi Championship, and other well-known tournaments.

Betting on Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a fast-paced, action-packed sport. As a result, there are several betting markets for each game, league, and tournament. The markets are easy to grasp and offer a wide choice of betting options. We’ll go over the most common ones below to help you get started betting. 


Match Betting

It’s the most fundamental sort of wager. You are just wagering on whether side will win or draw at the end of the allotted 40-minute period. It is vital to understand that such a market does not provide for any additional time.

Extra Time/Golden Raid Victory

This is a wager on a team winning in overtime or via a golden raid. It is a relatively easy market, although it is difficult to anticipate in advance, therefore the odds are frequently quite generous.

Handicap Betting

In a kabaddi match, a particular team is usually the favorite to win. A handicap in the form of points may be implemented to make the betting odds more intriguing. You could notice something such as Team A -3, Team B +3. In this case, if you bet on Team A to win, you would win if they remained the winner after 3 points were deducted from their total. If you bet on Team B, you would win if they emerged as the winner when 3 points were applied to their total.

Total Points Over/Under

Over/Under bets are really simple to comprehend. You are just wagering on whether the outcome will be more or lesser than the provided value. You wager on the total amount of points earned by both sides in the Total Points market. For instance, the market could be Over/Under 80.5 points. If you believe the overall number of points gained by both sides will be 80 or fewer, you bet Under; if you believe that it will be 81 or even more, you bet Over.

There are numerous additional Over/Under betting markets available. For example, you may be able to wager on individual team scores, the number of raids, the number of fouls, and so on. The bets are always simple to grasp and will frequently give some fantastic chances.

Half Betting

Half betting lets you to utilize the above betting markets, but only on separate halves of the contest. For example, you might wager on which side would win the first or second half. This can be quite beneficial. For example, if you believe a team will start well but tire fast, you could bet that they will take the first half yet lose the match overall.

Outright Bets

These bets are applicable to the entire league or tournament. The simplest is a wager over which team will emerge victorious. However, there may be many more markets, like as whether teams will finish among the top three. In general, the sooner in a series or tournament you put these bets, the better the chances. You never know what marketplaces you could come upon, so it’s always worth taking a thorough look at them.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are usually a fun way to get in on the action. They are available in a range of forms and sizes. You could be able to bet on a certain player scoring, which team would score first, which side will score last, and so on.

Live Betting

Live betting, often referred as in-play betting, is an excellent method to enhance the excitement of watching kabaddi. It allows you to gamble on sports as they are happening. Many of the markets discussed above are available, however the odds are changed in real time to match the activity on the pitch. There is also a subcategory of bets called as ‘Next To’ bets. These are wagers on the next event, such as the following team to score. This implies that if you pay close attention to the activity and the odds and respond swiftly, you may come upon some amazing betting possibilities.

What to Consider for When Betting on Kabaddi

If you want to offer yourself the greatest chance of winning kabaddi bets, you must keep up with the sport and conduct as much research and try. If you see the games on a daily basis, you will rapidly become acquainted with teams and players, which will provide you with a solid foundation.

There are several factors to consider while studying your real bets. The first step is to look for team news. You must be aware of any player absences due to illness or injury as this may have a significant impact on the team overall, particularly if a star player is absent.

You should also look at the teams’ current form, as well as prior matchups between them to determine how the matches have concluded. However, don’t put too much stock in this because surprises occur on a regular basis in sports.

Another issue to evaluate is the scheduling and travel of the teams. If one side has been playing a lot of games and traveling a lot, they may be exhausted, which might impact how they play. In contrast, if a team has had a comparatively easy week and is also playing at home, this might provide a significant lift.

In other words, you should understand everything you can about either the teams, players, and playing styles. The more you can think about, the better informed your bets will be, and the more likely you will win. This should result in you putting a lot of winning bets.


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