Basketball betting has always been one of the most popular sports to bet on, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Basketball betting is simple if you understand the game. Predicting the outcome of various basketball games before or during the game is part of the process.

If you’re interested in basketball betting but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the perfect spot. You may read about upcoming basketball leagues, tournament format, and top teams that dominate their individual leagues here, so you have all the basic knowledge you need to start betting.


In today ’s modern world, there are several basketball leagues, cups, and other tournaments. And the majority of them offer separate areas for men and women, which adds to the appeal of INDIBET basketball betting. All notable basketball events may be grouped into three categories:

NBA Betting

Some people associate the NBA with basketball. The league is the top division of the game and is undoubtedly the most favored. The NBA has produced some of the sport’s most legendary figures, including Michael Jordan, the late Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and, more recently, LeBron James.

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise and Boston Celtics have won the most NBA championships. Between now and 2023, they will each have won 17 titles.

International basketball tournaments

International basketball tournaments between countries

The international basketball organization FIBA is the most powerful in the sport’s history. It hosts the majority of tournaments, including prominent ones that draw thousands of bettors. These include continental championships in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and North and South America, as well as the widely anticipated European championship. Of course, the two most important international tournaments are the World Championship and the Olympic Games, which, although conducted every four years, are the most popular betting events. It is always wonderful to see a country strong enough to defeat the USA team, which has won 14 out of 17 gold medals.

Club tournaments

In addition to international tournaments between nations, FIBA sponsors yearly club events based on the given territorial division. There is, for example, the American League on the northern continent, the Sudamericana League for South American clubs, the FIBA Asian Cup, and the Africa Basketball League. The Australian National Basketball League is the most important championship in Australia, with seven teams from different locations in Australia and one from New Zealand. Europe has the most leagues and teams, including the FIBA Europe Cup, the VTB United League, the Adriatic Basketball League, and many others. All of the clubs in these leagues must qualify from their respective national leagues, making for even more exciting betting and following events. 

Club tournaments

INDIBET Basketball Betting Types

Basketball provides a broad variety of betting options to let you place bets. If you’re a beginner to basketball betting, these are the most common markets you should be aware of.



One of the most popular betting choices is the money line. You must predict which side will win the game. For example, if the Los Angeles Lakers face the Cleveland Cavaliers during the regular NBA season, the market may apply. You can guess which of the two teams competing will win. If you bet on the Los Angeles Lakers and they win, you will make a profit.

Race to Points

The race to points is another prominent betting market in the basketball betting industry. The betting line demands you to predict which team will score its most points initially. A match between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks serves as a good example. The Chicago Bulls are predicted to score the game’s opening 20 points. You win the bet if this happens.

Race to Points

Handicaps/Spread betting

Handicap is a point spread betting strategy most commonly used in NBA games between superior and weaker teams. To make the game fair, the operator will disfavor the superior team in this situation. For the bet to be completed, the greater team must overcome the handicap. In a matchup between the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves, the operator may assign Miami Heat a handicap of (-5.5). There is one factor to consider if you decide to bet on the Miami Heat to win the game. The Miami Heat must first overcome the (-5.5) handicap. After then, you must still have a higher final score than the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to win the bet.

Winner Margin

Instead of picking the Match Winner, you may take advantage of the Winner Margin option’s high odds. You must forecast the margin by which the winner could defeat the loser in this bet type. In a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors, you may bet on the latter to win by a 10-point margin. As a result, you will win only if the margin is right at the end of the NBA game.

Winner Margin
Over/Under markets

Over/Under markets

Over/Under is a common totals wager. When estimating the cumulative score of two teams in an NBA game, the betting market is generally used. A game between the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics is a nice illustration. You can punt on both teams to end up with a total score of more than 200.20. If you desire better odds, consider betting on the correct score market.

Quarter Bets

Quarter bets are rewarding betting markets with interesting odds. When it comes to professional basketball leagues, though, you may only put down quarter bets. They are mostly offered to NBA and European basketball bettors. Punting on the Utah Jazz to defeat the Brooklyn Nets during the first quarter is a nice example of a quarter bet. As a result, the Utah Jazz should be up before the first quarter is out.

Quarter Bets


Basketball betting is easy, mainly if you know basketball gambling. If you are new to basketball betting, below is a step-by-step basketball betting tutorial to help you get started.

    • Go to INDIBET betting site.
    • Register an account on Indibet betting site
    • Verify your Indibet account
    • Make your initial deposit
    • Choose a payment method
    • Place a bet

NBA Playoffs: Home Court Advantage

NBA playoffs are elimination games organized by the National Basketball Association’s board of directors. During the playoffs, most players perform well on their home floor. It is critical to recognize the home-court advantage. This is accomplished by concentrating more on the NBA team hosting the event. If they are in good form and all of their best players are in good shape, they will most likely win.

Most Common Basketball Betting Errors

Basketball gamblers are notorious for making various errors while making basketball bets. These errors frequently cost them money, resulting in losses. Basketball punters frequently make the following mistakes:

Lacking knowledge in the sport

Placing a basketball wager with little to no knowledge of the sport is frequently a terrible idea. That’s because users don’t understand what to look into or which teams to back. Moreover, you have no knowledge of how to analyze game data, which makes it difficult to make a likely bet. Because they are unfamiliar with the sport, such players sometimes wind up placing improbable wagers.

Disregarding team form and injuries

When betting on a certain event, team form and injuries are important factors to consider. Don’t dismiss a squad in disarray. You should not expect a team to perform well if the majority of its key players are injured. Similar vital factors, such as which team will take the first hoop, come in handy when placing bets. You can also use the data to place accurate Match Winner bets. 

Mishandling your finances

Mismanaging your money is one of the most common blunders you can make. This is done by exceeding your betting limitations or placing bets without sufficient investigation. Mismanagement of your finances might force you to dip into your savings. Make sure you set betting limits to prevent making such a mistake. Set aside your weekly gaming money, for example, and make sure you stick to the limitations.

Stop placing bets on your favorite team.

If you’re a basketball enthusiast, you undoubtedly have a favorite NBA team. It is critical that you do not gamble on your favorite team. Unless you’ve done considerable study and the facts show that the team has a good chance of winning. If not, pick an NBA club with a good probability of winning.


To bet on basketball, choose an event, research the markets, compare the odds, and then place your wager. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you should do a lot of research.

Yes, betting and gambling are completely legal in India, therefore you may place bets on basketball matches from there at any time.

Yes, numerous basketball tournaments are covered by INDIBET, including college leagues.