The Mystery Behind Deandra Dottin’s Exclusion from the Gujarat Giants Squad for the WPL

The Gujarat Giants purchased Deandra Dottin in the auction, but Kim Garth took her place before the season began

The club asserts that Allrounder could not get a medical clearance in time for the WPL, but Allrounder disputes this.

The Gujarat Giants purchased Deandra Dottin in the auction, but Kim Garth took her place before the season began

The Whirlwind of Emotions: Deandra Dottin’s Response to Being Left Off Gujarat Giants’ Team

Deandra Dottin, a West Indies allrounder, has expressed her “deep disappointment” with the Gujarat Giants’ “bewildering rationale” for leaving her off the team before the inaugural WPL.

Dottin tweeted, “I’m recovering from nothing,” in response to the Giants’ original claim that she was “recovering from a medical situation” earlier this month. Later, the Giants clarified that Dottin had to be replaced in the team by Australia’s Kim Garth because they were unable to get medical clearance in time for her.

Deandra Dottin, the renowned West Indies allrounder, was caught up in a whirlwind of emotions on a seemingly ordinary Sunday night. She had just read the statement the Gujarat Giants franchise issued, and her disappointment and frustration were evident. Determined to set the record straight, Dottin took to social media to express her displeasure and explain that the franchise’s claims were inaccurate. She clarified that she had been granted medical clearance to participate in the inaugural WPL season in February.

In the wake of the franchise’s claims that Dottin was “recovering from a medical situation,” the cricketer took it upon herself to correct the statement and put forward the facts. Her social media posts expressed her disappointment with the franchise’s reasoning for her exclusion from the team and called it “bewildering.” Dottin elaborated on the events that had transpired, revealing that she had sought medical attention in December last year after experiencing minor abdominal pain. She further explained that, after meeting with two specialists in December and January for second opinions, she was advised to rest until February 13. Following the clearance, she resumed her training and fitness regime and was cleared to train on February 14.

Why Was Deandra Dottin Excluded from Gujarat Giants’ WPL Squad? Her Side of the Story.

Dottin posted on Twitter, “I remain profoundly disappointed by what can only reasonably be characterized as baffling justification for my exclusion from the competition.” I was allegedly cut from the squad before the tournament even started because I was “recovering from a medical situation,’ according to the franchise. It was followed by a clarification claiming that even though I had just received it on February 20, I could not get medical approval.”

Dottin elaborated on the events leading up to her being excluded from the Gujarat Giants’ squad for the inaugural WPL. According to her, she had sought medical attention after experiencing minor abdominal pain in December of the previous year. It prompted her to consult with two specialists in December and another in January for second opinions on her condition.

After being advised to rest until February 13, Dottin said she had been cleared to resume training on February 14. It meant she could continue her personal training and fitness regime, which she followed according to the guided timelines. However, she experienced some soreness on the first day of resumed activity, which was to be expected given that she had been asked to rest in the weeks preceding training.

Despite being transparent with the Gujarat Giants physiotherapist, Dottin claimed that her explanation was misinterpreted and subsequently relayed to the franchise’s management staff as her ‘experiencing abdominal pain post-session. It was not the case, as Dottin had made clear. Instead, it was simply a response to her resuming training after rest. It was, therefore, not indicative of any medical issue that would prevent her from participating in the WPL.

“As a result, I resumed my personal training and fitness program following the recommended timelines. On the first day of my resumed training, I experienced some soreness, which was expected and reasonable given that I had been requested to rest in the weeks before the training.” I communicated honestly with the Gujarat Giants’ physiotherapist about this, but what I had said was misinterpreted and subsequently relayed. I described myself to the franchise’s management staff as “having post-session abdominal pain.”

Gujarat Giants Under Fire as Dottin Reveals Details of Omission from WPL Squad

Dottin claimed that the Giants demanded she gets a local assessment even though her treating surgeon had given her the all-clear on February 20. I was shocked to receive an email from the trainer for the Giants demanding that Deandra Dottin submit her fitness report and the most recent scan results by February 26, 2023. If she doesn’t cooperate, she will be declared ineligible for T20 matches in the WPL. It was “nearly impossible to conduct all specified medical tests, especially over a weekend,” because this request was submitted on Saturday, February 25, and the deadline was the following day, Sunday.

She claimed that on February 26, a senior manager at Adani Sportsline emailed her that she had “a solid role to perform” but needed to produce a new CT scan and report by March 1.

The following day (Monday,) I got yet another email, February 27), this time from the Head of Adani Sportsline, stating that they would try their best to locate me an appointment at a private hospital as soon as possible therefore, officially be attempting to take my position in the league. While I was trying to arrange an expedited CT scan following the various deadlines I was being served, I received yet another email the following day (Monday, February 27).

When contacted for comment, a Giants spokesperson told CricketNews that the team had nothing further to add to its previous statement.

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